Hanseatic court team

Basik cat

Every company, every place is more about people. It's people who make the place worth  coming back. And we have such people in Hanseatic court hostel.

Let's get acquainted! :)

Our staff:

Our Hanseatic cat Basik.



Marina G. Kurbanova

Marina Kurbanova

  • Occupation: person in charge :)
  • Duties:  personnel management, service quality control
  • In hostel she may be met: at the office or on the phone 8-960-209-55-14, (8162) 62-24-00
  • Can help with: accommodation, organizational questions, deposits, booking and everything she can help with
  • Birthday: the 20th of April
  • Degree: Pedagogical (teacher of biology)
  • Hobbies and interests: collectioning and decor
  • In people values: responsibility and drivenness
  • Dreams about: many happy guests from all over the world :)
  • Wishes to the guests: unforgettavle moments and great impressions of Velikiy Novgorod!




Anna Kukushkina

    • Occupation: project coordinator
    • Duties: organization of entertainment programs, advertising and PR-projects, support of the hostel web-site.
    • In hostel she may be met: in the office or on the phone (8-963-333-23-93).
    • Can help with: advertising, accommodation and organization of leisure activities.
    • Birthday: the 6th of June
    • Degree: teaching of English language
    • Hobbies and interests: travelling, poetry, psychology, roller-skating
    • In people values: sense of humor, sincerity
    • Dreams about: a year-long journey
    • Wishes to the guests: dream, create and become someone better every day! 
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