Rules of the Haseatic court

Rules and regulations of the youth hostel «Hanseatic court»

1. Youth hostel “Hanseatic court” (hereinafter – the hostel) serves as a temporary residence for young people under 18 and their guardians. The quantity of adult guardians is defined by the hostel administration by agreement with the leader of the group.

2. Hostel accommodation for people over 18 may be allowed according to the official letter by the Administration of Velikiy Novgorod, in conjunction with major city events and celebrations. In this case the period of accommodation is agreed with the hostel administration. After the agreed period of accommodation a guest must check out. In case he or she wants to stay in the hostel longer, it is necessary to inform the administrator of the hostel no later than 2 hours before the check out (12 a.m. local time). Extension of the accommodation period in the room is possible only if it was not booked before.

3. TheRussian Federation citizens, coming to stay in the hostel must present valid passports. Foreign citizens can be accommodated by presentation of valid passports, visa and migration cards.

4.  Accommodation of children under 14 is allowed upon presentation of both parents’ official assignment and certificate of birth.

5. While checking-in guests fill in a form, presenting personal information, and accept the hostel rules and regulations.

6. Accommodation fees may be paid in cash, by cashless transfer according to the booking agreement or by credit card. Payment shall be made in rubles. Check-in is possible after the payment for the full accommodation period. The receipt for tax purposes is given after check-out.

7. Accommodation fee is taken according to the check-out hours – 12 a.m. local time of the current day. Guests must pay full accommodation fee even if they stay at the hostel for less than 24 hours. In case of check-out delay a guest must pay for accommodation as outlined below:

- 1-12 hours delay after the check-out hours – ½ of accommodation fee;

- 12- 24 delay after the check-out hours – full accommodation fee.

8. Accommodation at the hostel requires a deposit of 100 rubles for a person. For every loss and damage of the Hostel’s property which was caused by not appropriate use of it the customer who made the damage is going to be charged by deduction from the deposit. If there was no damage made, the full deposit is returned to each guest.

9. Guests are informed and agree with the usage of surveillance cameras in the hostel premises (except rooms, showers and toilets).

10. Bed-linen is changed not less than once in five days..

11. The hostel administration may refuse to accommodate a guest without giving any reason.

12. The book of comments and suggestions is kept by the administrator in charge and  may be given to the guests upon request.

13. The hostel administration hostels accept no liability for the loss, theft or damage to guests’ property left in the hostel premises. For the safety of personal belongings guests are recommended to use the hostel safe at the reception. In this case the official document is drawn up in two copies.

14. If a guest is absent for more than 2 hours (according to the check-out hours) without a payment, or in case of the property, the hostel administration make up an inventory of the belongings and informs the guest about it.

15. In case of accommodation of a group over 8 persons, the leader of the group receives keys for the rooms, an ironing room and a kitchen and TV remote control. The leader of the group contacts with the hostel administration and presents clean rooms before the check-out.

16. Accommodation of pets and other animals is strictly prohibited.

17. It is strictly to consume alcoholic, narcotic drugs or any intoxicating substance in the hostel rooms and premises. In case of such accidents the necessary act shall be drawn up and guests will be requested to leave the hostel premises without a refund.

18. In case of the accidents, meant in the point 17, are caused by the leader of the group, the whole group will be requested to leave the hostel premises  and a official document is sent to the leader’s employer. The hostel administration may call the police if required.

Guests of  the hostel “Hanseatic court” may use the following facilities for free:

  • Wi-Fi;
  • delivery of correspondence to the room;
  • taxi call;
  • wake-up call at a certain time;
  • ambulance call;
  • using of medical first-aid kit;
  • granting boiled water, needles, threads, and a set of tableware;
  • parking of the group transport


All guests of the hostel “Hanseatic court” must:

  • pay for accommodation on time;
  • show the guest card to get the keys ;
  • uphold the anti-fire safety laws;
  • turn off the lights and TV leaving the room;
  • give the keys to the hostel administrator when leaving the hostel premises;
  • present the clean and undamaged room to the administrator when checking-out;
  • respect other guests, staff, local residents and property and uphold general safety rules;
  • register personal vehicles in case of using the hostel parking lot. 


In cases where these rules are silent a guest and the hostel administration shall follow the applicable laws of theRussian Federation.

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