From the Hanseatic court with love

Haseatic court is the first hostel, which works specially for groups of children and families. The period of childhood and adolescence is the time when we are truly excited with any present and sincerely believe in miracles. So, in order to make your stay in the hostel even more fascinating, we have uncorked some surprises and got small gifts for everyone. Look through the list and find your variant:

hanseatic hostel presents
  • Free stay for the group guides. We know, that guiding a group of youngsters in far from being and easy task. For such a responsible job all guides, who accompany a group of 16 or more children, stays in the hostel without paying for a bed and breakfast.
  • Model behaviourWe love our hostel and thank avereyne who respect its dwellers and their job. If the children groups share our attitude to the hostel we surely notice it and reward the guests.
  • A present for a birthday person. We are glad make each personal holiday more esciting, so all the guests, who celebrate their birthdays in the hostel, get some presents form the Hanseatic court dwellers.
  • Hanseatic court lotteryTempt your fortune and get some hostel souvenirs.
  • Exchange time!  Bring us some souvenir from your city (a magnet. A mug or a plate) and get the same thing with Velikiy Novgorod symbols.
  • Babies-friendly hostel. Children under 5 stay at hostel for free (in case they sleep with their parents).
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